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     Pursuing the Esquire, LLC was created from a vision of our founder and practicing Entertainment Lawyer, Danielle B. Hardy, Esq. Having personally experienced the vast benefits of phenomenal mentorship in her personal and professional life, Danielle wanted to pay it forward and help the rising and aspiring minority lawyers coming behind her. As the first lawyer in her family, she knows how difficult it is to navigate through the process of getting into law school and getting through law school.


     She believes that mentorship is essential not only for becoming a great practicing attorney, but also for minority attorneys as their process in becoming a successful attorney is much different than their non-minority counterparts and colleagues. Representation is extremely important to aspiring minority lawyers as according to the American Bar Association less than 10% of the legal profession is represented by attorneys of color. Danielle believes that it is her responsibility to help college and law students of color on their journey to pursuing the esquire because of lack of resources and access that minority students often face from scholarship money and networking opportunities to bar prep and job opportunities. 


As our program grows, we will expand more exciting features. Join us as we prepare the next generation of aspiring minority lawyers!

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